1002 George Lane
Long Point, Ontario, N0E 1M0
(519) 586-7033
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Seasonal Information

  • Trailer park season: 
    May 15th until Thanksgiving.
  • Boat dockage: 
    May 24 until Thanksgiving
  • Pontoon Charters: 
    May 24 until Thanksgiving
  • Boat launch:  If there is no ice then it is open. BOAT LAUNCH IS CLOSED FOR 2022 TO ANY BOATS ON TRAILERS DUE TO BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION.
  • Bait shop: 
    May 24th - Thanksgiving
  • Hours:  7 a.m.- 6 p.m. 
  • Boat rentals:
    May 15-June 30:  Weekends or by appointment
  • July-August:   7am to 6 pm .  Reservation required.  Closed Tuesdays.
  • Labour Day Weekend: Closed Sunday at noon
  • Sept.- Oct.: Weekends or by appointment

       Please look in the What's News section for any changes in hours or special closings